About Me

My name is Michelle Palmer. I have been the Instructional Coach at an elementary school in Gainesville, GA for 9 years. Prior to becoming Instructional Coach, I taught 1st, 3rd and 4th grades in two different districts in Georgia. For most of my career I have taught in Title I schools with very diverse populations. My passion is providing professional learning and coaching support to teachers so that they can reach all students. My ultimate hope in doing this is that students will continue to grow and achieve both academically and socially.

I am passionate about instruction, assessment and using assessments to help drive instruction. I try to keep up with the latest research on instruction and assessment through professional books, blogs, etc. I also attend and present at many national education conferences across the country. For me, learning never ends. There is always something I can improve on or learn more about!

Outside of education I amĀ  a wife, a mom to a very active 7 year old little boy, a daughter, a friend and a Christian. I think filling those roles helps me to be a better educator and being an educator helps me to fill those roles as well.