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Recently I met with my principal and assistant principal for my mid-year conference/review. At the meeting we discussed the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the year. My primary goal is to have 98% of the staff participate in some form of coaching opportunity by the end of the year. I offer many different types of coaching and so far 70% have done something with me! Plans were made for the remaining percentage and we moved on to my second goal. Unfortunately I was not able to share that this goal was going just as well. In fact, this goal had stalled completely – at 0. You see, my second goal is to work on my professional writing. I’ve co-authored an article with my mentor and written a blog post here or there, but my goal is to be more consistent with how often I do those things and quite honestly just to do them more. Of course I have many excuses like, “no one will read it anyways” or “I really don’t know enough to write about something” and on and on, but honestly I just hadn’t made time to do it. Again I had not made it a priority.

So here I go. I will blog and I will do it regularly. Originally I started a blogĀ  because I found that in order for anything I learned to stick with me, I had to talk about it or write about it. Talking with a colleague helped me to gain another person’s perspective and ideas. Writing helped me to organize my thoughts around whatever I was learning. Both things together helped me to cement what I truly understood and thought about whatever I was learning. I’m hoping this blog will continue that and help someone else as well.



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  1. You are awesome! I love the way you set goals and always strive to reach them! You have so much knowledge and talent to share with others. I am so happy you started blogging!! Others will definitely be blessed by your expertise!! Love you!

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